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December 20, 2012 11:38 pm News
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December 20, 2012

Freshman Lawmaker Says Jobs Are the Key

Access to basic social services has been reduced over the past several years, and public safety has taken numerous cuts.  Freshman lawmaker Caddy McKeown (muh-CUE-in), a Coos Bay Democrat says there really is a single solution.

Caddy McKeown – “I think it’s really clear to understand that the way we pay for these services and the way that we fund education and elder care and public safety and all those other things that are near and dear to our hearts is that we create jobs in this state.”

She didn’t directly participate in last week’s special legislative session that led to tax law guarantees for Nike Corporation.  That’s because she hasn’t yet been sworn in.  That will happen January 14th.  But, she says, she feels state government needs to do all it can to help businesses create jobs.

Caddy McKeown – “We have some opportunities in our communities like Florence and Yachats and Reedsport with some small business initiatives to not only just on the large industrial side, but on the small business side to create opportunities for people to grow their small businesses and start small businesses.”

McKeown was elected to the post held for the last six years by Arnie Roblan… he’ll move to the Oregon Senate.


Flood Watch for the Siuslaw

There were some gusty winds and a lot of rain yesterday afternoon and overnight.  According to the weather station on South Jetty Road just over two inches of rain fell yesterday afternoon and overnight; and a high wind gust of 53 miles an hour was recorded in late afternoon.

Forecasters say those heavy rains are likely to continue through this evening.  That’s prompted the posting of a flood watch for the Siuslaw River which is expected to crest later this evening at 17 ½ feet, just six inches below the minor flood stage of 18-feet.


Child porn unprosecuted

Several cases of child pornography were under investigation in Lane County earlier this year.  But, when dramatic budget cuts were implemented July 1st, about 40 of those cases were left to gather dust.  Detective Aaron Hoberg says one case that did get prosecuted before the cutbacks found more than 40-thousand electronic images of child porn on the computer of a registered sex offender.  He’s now doing ten years in prison.  But, future prosecutions are in doubt because of a lack of detectives and forensic analysts.  Hoberg says until a long-term solution can be found, he says residents need to continue to report cases they may become aware of.


Reindeer Games

The residents of Spruce Point Assisted Living on 9th Street will be hosting some visitors tomorrow afternoon.  Annette Poston says it’s open to the public.

Annette Poston – “Santa Claus going to be here handing out candy canes.  We encourage  folks to go ahead and bring their cameras that they way they can go ahead and take pictures of the reindeer and their children with Santa.”

That’s right, Santa Claus will be joined by two of his trusty reindeer.  That’s at Spruce Point, Friday afternoon from one to three PM.


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