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Our Town – 4 March 2015

Our Town Intro – Download

Our Town Opening Segment – Download

City Manager, Erin Reynolds – Download

Florence Mayor, Joe Henry pt 1 - Download

Florence Mayor, Joe Henry pt 2 – Download

Florence Mayor Joe Henry and the State of the City

Presented Thursday, 2/19/15 at the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce Noon Forum at Three Rivers Casino, World Market Buffet.


Our Town – Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Our Town Intro – Download

Featuring Peace Harbor Hospice Director Kathy Murphy and Clinic Director Debra Suggs talking about the upcoming Light up a Life celebration on December 13th.

Honor Flight – Download

Western Lane Ambulance Paramedic Darrek Mullens visits about the showing of the feature length documentary “Forgotten Heroes” about an Honor Flights trip to the National World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

Pathways pt 1 – Download

Pathways pt 2 – Download

Becky Goehring and Meg Spencer talk about a recent initiative funded by the Ford Family Foundation to help local residents shape their future.

PeaceHealth pt 1 – Download

PeaceHealth pt 2 – Download

Peace Harbor Medical Center CMO Rick Yecny, Foundation Director Michele Douglass, and community leader Kay King talk about the Leave a Legacy, Save a Life Emergency Department fundraising drive.

A. J. Brauer pt 1 – Download

A.J. Brauer pt 2 – Download

A.J. Brauer pt 3 - Download 

Dr. A.J. Brauer is celebrating his 85th birthday this month and will also step down from 35+years on the board of directors for Oregon Pacific Bank.  During his 56 years in Florence, Brauer has been actively involved in many activities.

Our Town – Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Our Town Intro –  Download

Les Miserables pt 1 - Download

Les Miserables pt 2 – Download

Lane Community College 50th Anniversary – Download

Kim Erickson – Download

Matt House / Dave Haberman - Download

Our Town – Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Our Town – Hour 1 – Florence City Council Candidates – Download

Our Town – Hour 2 – Mayoral Candidates – Download

Our Town – Hour 3 – All Candidates – Download

Our Town – Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Intro – Jodi O’Mara

Ken Stone

Mokrohisky #1

Mokrohisky #2

Joshua Greene

PeaceHealth #1

PeaceHealth #2

PeaceHealth – Outro



Our Town – Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Carolyn Stein

David Hascall

Ethel Angal

Helping Hands


Our Town – Wednesday, July 2nd 2014


Kayleigh Graham pt 1

Kayleigh Graham pt 2

Relay for Life pt 1

Relay for Life pt 2

City Lights

Andy Van Pelt

PeaceHealth pt 1

PeaceHealth pt 2

PeaceHealth pt 3


Our Town – Wednesday, June 4th 2014


Robert Smith

Jake Thompson

Second Intro

30 x 90 pt 1

30 x 90 pt 2

30 x 90 pt 3


Our Town – Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Leslie Dawn pt 1

Leslie Dawn pt 2

Jay Bozevich pt 1

Jay Bozevich pt 2

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