Fireworks; RAIN; Eclipse

Firework Safety

The upcoming Independence holiday means that the sale and use of fireworks is upcoming too.  This Friday June 23rd  the canvas sides will be removed from the tents that have been set up for the sale of popular pyrotechnics.  And as usual, Fire Marshall, Sean Barrett says there are some popular items that you will not see.

“Roman Candles are not allowed, Firecrackers are not allowed, the big mortars are not allowed.

What will be available are what are deemed the “safe and sane” ones.  Fireworks that cannot go more than 6 feet in the air and cannot explode.  But even the usual suspects are extremely dangerous and one of the most popular items used by young and old alike is the most dangerous by far.  Sparklers.

“They’re really cool and everything looking but the get up to almost 2000 degrees when they’re burning so they can be very, very dangerous.”

When it comes to safe use with kids, Barrett says..

“The first this is, don’t let the kids light them or play with them.  Have an adult take care of that.  Make sure you are in a safe place to do it, outside with an area that is not combustible, make sure you have water and a bucket to put them in.

And a reminder from Barrett, All of Old Town is off limits to fireworks.

RAIN Graduates

The Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network or RAIN for short, is celebrating 11 companies that completed it’s pre-accelerated course.  Wednesday evening at the Florence Event Center there will be a special graduation with food and beverages provided and each of the 11 businesses will present their business opportunities to the audience.  5-6 pm will be a networking opportunity, then following will be the Keynote Speaker, Sam Gross.  CEO and Co-Founder of Chef Mels.  RAIN’s Mission it to turn ideas into high impact, innovative, traded-sector companies that can grow and thrive locally.

Eclipse: Locally

The special total eclipse that will be moving through Oregon on August 21st will be attracting a lot of visitors through the state and as we have reported before it could mean that everyday supplies that we use might be in short supply for a period of time prior to and directly after the event.  The Florence are is located in the 97th percentile and will only experience about 45 seconds of the eclipse compared to more than 2 ½ minutes for the direct path, but ODOT says that as many as 5 days prior to the event  Highway 101 will likely be filled with thousands more motorists than normal and is urging the Florence business corridor to be prepared.  This also means that residents need to take serious the possible strain on our goods and services and prepare early to make sure that supplies are well-stocked.  They recommend that you do things like stock a weeks supply of goods and fill up on gas a week before the event.