Multi-use path to be discussed; Local heroes sought

18 August 2014

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Multi Use Path To Be Discussed at the FEC

The Florence City Council will meet at the Florence Events Center this evening. The move was announced several weeks ago in order to accommodate an expected large crowd, many interested in commenting on a proposed multi-use path along Rhododendron Drive.

Opponents of the plan that has been 8-years in the making say it goes too far in removing vegetation along the road where it passes through Greentrees Village. Some want the plan altered, still others say they believe the city should pass on the federal transportation grant that would pay for much of the work and cancel the path altogether.

More and more supporters of the patch have been stepping forward in recent weeks say the path is needed and the nearly decade long planning process should not be put to waste.

If the city were to choose the former recommendation, there could be short and long term financial ramifications. Florence would have to repay the approximately $115-thousand already spent on planning and engineering of the path; plus would be less likely to be considered for future grants.

This evening’s City Council meeting begins at seven at the FEC.

City Manager Hiring Process Continues

Before the City Council meets in public session this evening, they’ll meet in a private, executive session at the FEC to discuss the search for a new city manager. The Mayor and Councilors met two weeks ago to pare the list of finalists down to five. They’ll get an update when the meet at 6:15.

During the public portion of the meeting they’ll discuss the possibility of forming a citizen committee to assist in interviewing the finalists.

Looking for Local Heroes

Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue is looking for a few good men and women. Chief Jim Langborg says an extensive training program is scheduled to begin later this year for prospective volunteer firefighters.

Jim Langborg – “For the firefighting and the EMT training it’s pretty fair to say it’s going to be a couple a nights a week, evenings, and then your Saturday. And, we’re looking at through summer.”

Langborg says the intensive training is a commitment.

Jim Langborg – “That’s the challenging part of it. But the good part is, when they’re done, man they’ve really got it.”

He says the payoff is in knowing you’re making a real difference in the community; plus there is a very large social part of the entire experience. Interested prospects can call or stop by the main fire station on Highway 101 at 26th street.

Surfing on the Oregon Coast Poses New Risk

Surfing on the Oregon coast can take a real commitment… the weather, the wind, the cold water.

In the past few years there has been another challenge. Possibly bacteria laden water from time to time.

Officials are increasingly issuing health advisories when the amount of bacteria in the water exceeds safe levels. That bacteria can come from a variety of natural and man-caused sources.

Now, a recent study by scientists at Oregon State University shows that about three in ten surfers admit they knowingly surf during those health advisories. The same number… 30-percent… say they choose not to surf at that time.

The research shows that about 4-in-10 surfers say they don’t know if they’ve ever surfed during an active health advisory.


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