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19 June 2013

New Words… Same Mission

The current mission statement for the Port of Siuslaw is a rather lengthy and wordy statement that talks about “delivering high-quality asset management”; “economic development services”; and “measurable economic and community development benefits”.   When they were beginning the port’s long term financial planning process, staff members took a look at it and, in the words of manager Bob Forsythe, made a suggestion to the commission.

Bob Forsythe – “Hey guys, you need to work on this because it just doesn’t flow, you know.”

Forsythe says the core message was sound, but…

Bob Forsythe – “It didn’t roll off the tip of your tongue like it should and so we’re just trying to make it, you know, a little more easily stated if you will.”

So, a new statement was drafted… that Forsythe says reflects the intentions of that original message.  The outgoing commission will meet this evening at the Port office on Harbor Street to take action on the new statement… They’re also expected to discuss and adopt both the final draft of the five year strategic business plan and the budget for the upcoming year… they meet at seven.

Funding for timber counties?

A U.S. Senate Committee has endorsed legislation to extend federal subsidies for timber counties one more year, and to protect more wilderness and wild rivers in Oregon.

Senator Ron Wyden said yesterday the two bills are part of his effort to solve the funding crisis for Oregon timber counties, which are struggling to finance law enforcement since the subsidies expired.  Still to come is some way to increase timber harvests on what are known as the O&C lands in Western Oregon.

One bill would extend federal subsidies to timber counties nationwide, though at a rate five percent lower than before.

Another would create two new wilderness areas in central and southwestern Oregon and extend wild river protection to parts of the Rogue, Chetco and Molalla rivers.

Gas Prices

Gas prices on the west coast are lower this week as regional supply and distribution issues have been resolved.  The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is down two-and-a-half cents in the past week to $3.61.  Oregon’s average price, as measured by Triple-A, down a similar amount, but is 20-cents higher at $3.81.  Prices at the pump on Florence are down a nickel this week to $3.74 a gallon… that’s 12-cents a gallon less than a year ago at this time.

Fireworks Season

The legal fireworks season in Oregon begins Sunday… that’s when the nearly 800 fireworks retailers in the state can begin selling them.  Rich Hoover with the Oregon Fire Marshal’s office is reminding residents to make sure the fireworks they use are not only legal… but are used in a safe manner.

He says anything that flies explodes or travels more than six-feet on the ground or 12-inches in the air is prohibited.

Hoover also said the state of Oregon has banned fireworks use on all Oregon beaches, in parks and campgrounds.  Federal agencies have also placed public lands off limits for the discharge of fireworks; and many local governments have restrictions.  In Florence they’re banned completely on Port of Siuslaw property and the City has made them off-limits on sidewalks and many other rights-of-way.

Hoover says illegal fireworks can be expensive… fines for violation can be up to $500 for each item.  If the fireworks… legal or illegal… cause damage, the person responsible can be required to pay for firefighting costs as well as the damages.