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Local News – Dunes Restoration – Graduation – Siuslaw & Rolling Dunes Parks

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Forest Service Planning Dune Restoration…

Initial comments are being sought by the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on a plan to remove vegetation from an approximate 60 acre parcel in NorthernCoosCounty.

The “Bull Run Dunes Restoration” project would use a variety of methods to remove invasive beach grass and scotch broom; as well as native shore pine from a popular off road riding area near Lakeside.

In a letter outlining the proposal, District Ranger Michelle Jones with the U.S. Forest Service says the amount of open sand has decreased by an estimated 40-percent since the 1950s because of intentional stabilization efforts.

This project will not use herbicides, but will rely on a combination of heavy equipment… slashing and burning vegetation; as well as manually pulling scotch broom.  It’s also expected to take between three and five years.

Another nearby 64 acre parcel west of Riley Ranch near Hauser will also be cleared using strictly manual methods.

Forest Service officials opened a 30-day comment period on the proposal this week.  Oral comments or questions can be directed to Mike Northrup at the Oregon Dunes office in Reedsport.


Ninety Siuslaw Seniors will make their graduation walk Saturday. Commencement ceremony will feature Class Valedictorian Todd Denning and Saluatorian Alexandra Thielen.  Siuslaw graduation will be held at 4pm in the High School Gym…. Mapleton’s fourteen seniors will graduate at 2pm Saturday, Sailor Salutatorian is Megan Green, Class Valedictorians are Liz Harry and Rikki Redhead… Reedsport Charter School graduation commencement ceremony will be held Sunday, June 9th at 2pm.


The SiuslawRiverBridgeInterpretivePark should be ready for use by the end of this month.  Florence City Manager Jacque Betz said delays in the project prevented it being completed in time for the Rhododendron Festival.

          200 – “The interpretive center ribbon cutting finally has been scheduled for June 28th so we will officially open that park.”


Some essential materials were delayed and are expected to arrive early next week.  The park has two components… a paved parking area beneath the bridge itself, then an open plaza that includes a natural stormwater treatment demonstration between Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters and the Waterfront Depot.  A deck near the river edge is the final portion that will be completed in the next three weeks.


A popular recreation spot in Florence will be closed for the next two weeks for a little rehabilitation… and when it reopens, the Rolling Dunes Park Tennis Courts just off 35th   Street will also provide for a new activity.

Florence Public Works Spokesman Shawn Penrod said the courts will be closed between the 10th and the 20th for resurfacing and maintenance.  A contractor will pressure wash them, grind down high spots and patch where roots have cracked the surface.

A new “Plexipave” color surfacing system will top the entire thing off… along with new nets and straps.

Penrod said in addition to stripes marking the tennis courts; they’ll be marked for “pickle ball”… it’s an increasingly popular sport that is similar to tennis.  But it uses a wooden or composite paddle and perforated plastic balls.

If all goes well, it should reopen by June 21st.