Governor calls for increased logging on federal land; Are you ready? Effort underway to refloat pool.

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8 February 2013

Governor calls for increased logging on federal lands

Governor John Kitzhaber has given members of Congress a menu of options for increasing logging on the so-called O&C timberlands in western Oregon.  The intention is to help rural counties in the state shore up cash-strapped budgets and produce logs for local mills.

Kitzhaber said yesterday he hopes Oregon’s Congressional delegation will use the options to produce legislation resolving the funding problem for Oregon timber counties.  They have struggled nearly two decades since logging cutbacks were adopted on federal lands to protect salmon and the northern spotted owl.

The governor says he thinks options from the report can be put together that respect conservation values and still produce more than $70-million for the O&C counties… about double their last payment under a safety net that is expiring.

Are You Ready?

An emergency preparedness class aimed at helping residents get ready for a wide-spread disaster is so popular there’s no more space for tomorrow’s class.  In fact, says Joan Edwards with the West Lane Emergency Operations Group, the session on emergency power has been filled for several weeks and they’re already taking registrations for next month’s tsunami evacuation class.

The classes are a free service provided by the emergency response and public agency consortium.  Pre-registration is required by calling Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue.

Effort underway to refloat pool

Efforts to reopen the Mapleton pool have been underway since it closed 3 ½ years ago.  At the time, the Siuslaw Regional Aquatics Center was looking at some major expenses to keep the physical plant in operating condition.  Lauren Hesses says they need about $600-thousand to restore the 30-year old pool to the condition where they can reopen it.

Community fundraisers are underway… like the concert featuring the local Craig and Terry Band at Mapleton High School on February 23rd.  Hesse acknowledges local donations won’t be enough, but will be used as seed money to show community support so the group can go after larger, outside grants.