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October 31, 2012

Write In Candidate Hopes to Oust Dunes City Mayor

Dunes City Councilor Richard Koehler wasn’t going to seek reelection this year.  He was unhappy with the political climate.  But, early in October, he had a change of heart and decided to mount a write-in campaign in opposition to Mayor Rebecca Ruede.

Richard Koehler – “I was pretty much disgusted with what was going on in the city and I thought, my gosh, maybe there’s some hope still remaining.”

That hope, he said, came from the number of people who supported a controversial septic tank inspection and maintenance ordinance passed by the council five years ago.  Despite coming under fire from some residents and current members of the council Koehler says it still has considerable support.

Richard Koehler – “More people. 80 percent, who talked about maintaining the current septic maintenance ordinance rather than just delegating it away to an educational program.”

Long on accusations, but short on detail, Koehler couldn’t point to any specific poll or survey to support his 80-percent assertion.  Nor could he provide details on what he said were four instances where failing septics threatened drinking water supplies in Dunes City.

Richard Koehler– “You know I, I just remember that there were four but I just… yeah… I can give you those later.”

Ballots are due back by eight pm Tuesday, November 6th.

Gas Prices Continue to Fall 

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline fell by ten cents in the Florence area since last week… settling at $3.81 this morning.  The Oregon average price, according to Triple-A, fell by 12-cents to $3.85 and the national average price dropped by 11 cents.  It’s at $3.53.  Hurricane Sandy could send retail prices back up temporarily on the east coast, but should have little or no impact on west coast prices.

Lots of Rain

Heavy rains this week could have a definite impact on stability of trees and soil on steep slopes.  That’s according to the Oregon Department of Geology which has issued a warning for residents to be aware of many hazards associated with heavy rainfall.  Just since Saturday two inches of rain have fallen in the Florence area… with higher accumulations inland in the Coast Range.  Another two inches are possible through tomorrow morning and with that much rain, soil can become unstable.  Despite the heavy rains, the level of the Siuslaw River remain relatively low… well below any depths of concern.

Playin’ for the Ponies

Some high powered musical talent from around the region will converge on Three Rivers Casino this Saturday night.  It’s called “Playin’ for Ponies” and it’s a benefit for equestrian teams at Mapleton and Siuslaw High Schools.  Amy Clawson, Loren Franklin, Craig and Terry, Speaker Wave and First Class Blues will be playing a wide variety of music with proceeds going to the teams.  Tickets are ten dollars for adults… 14 and under tickets are five dollars.


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