Local News – Scary City Hall; Jackpot; Oregon Co-Speakers Win another honor

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October 26, 2012

Haunted House To Raise Money for Water Quality

Some people might say that city hall… any city hall… is scary enough in the daytime.  But folks in Dunes City are taking things to a new level this weekend.  City Councilor Jamie Mills…

Jamie Mills – “We’re trying to make it as scary as possible so that our teenagers and adults will enjoy it and give them a little diversion from what maybe they’re accustomed to.

Mills and other members of the Dunes City Water Quality Committee have put together the haunted house as a fund raiser for the committee’s activities.

Jamie Mills – “I mean we monitor the lake water quality and the tests are more and more expensive all the time.  But, there’s other things that we do.”

The committee recently paid for advisory signs on Canary Road in Honeyman Park and they’re also working on a project that would help remove some pollutants from stormwater runoff coming from Canary Road before it drains into Woahink Lake.  The haunted house is open tonight, tomorrow and Sunday from six until ten pm.  It’s $5 for adults; $3 for ages kids and only a buck for those under five.  Mills says it’s scary, but they have special activities for the youngest visitors.


A Springfield woman and her husband who enjoy a nice steak dinner from time to time at the Prime Steakhouse at Three Rivers Casino had a nice dessert Wednesday night.  She had been playing the “MegaBucks” slot for about 15 minutes when the bells started ringing and the lights started flashing.

The woman, who opted to remain anonymous, had won a $1,199,337 jackpot.  Casino spokesman Richard Colton said it’s the 6th mega-jackpot winner at Three Rivers since it opened eight years ago.  The largest was in 2009 when a player picked up $5.2-million.  Colton said this week’s winner has 60 days to decide whether or not to take a lump sum or a 25-year payout.

Co-Speakers Gain More Attention

They’ve been called the odd couple of politics.  Before the 2010 election, Roseburg Republican Bruce Hanna says he would have been surprised to find himself working on a daily basis with someone from the opposing Democrat party.  But, with an even 30-30 split in the Oregon House of Representatives over the past two years, that’s just what he and Coos Bay Democrat Arnie Roblan have been doing.

The two are part of a group of eight who were named as “Public Officials of the Year” by Governing Magazine, a publication for local and regional officials.  In presiding over the past two legislative sessions, Hanna and Roblan have been able to accomplish, says the magazine, two of the most productive sessions in Oregon’s History.  They won’t be working together as closely in the next session however.  Hanna is seeking reelection to his position; and Roblan is running for the Oregon Senate.