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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dean of Oregon’s Congressional delegation makes Florence Stop

Fourth District Congressman Peter DeFazio was in Florence yesterday where he delivered a legislative update to members of Florence Rotary.  After the talk, DeFazio spoke privately about his personal background.  He was a Massachusetts native serving in U.S. Air Force intelligence in the early 1970s when he was sent to the University of Oregon to work in a Masters program.

Peter DeFazio – “They gave me a choice of three graduate schools.  You know, I just kind of looked at a map and I saw that Eugene was halfway between the coast and the mountains and I love the coast and I love the mountains and I said, that’s where I’m going.”

About that time, though, the Viet Nam War was ending, the military was downsizing and DeFazio was transferred to the reserves.  He changed educational objectives, but remained in Springfield.

Peter DeFazio – “I became insufferable to my friends who remained in the east and I’d say to them, boy, you really outta check this out, I mean, not only is it beautiful, great environment, great parks, I mean all the stuff we have in the outdoors.  I said, but government actually works there, because Massachusetts at that point was infamous for having dysfunctional and corrupt government.  And, uh, they really got tired of hearing it, they said, just go back out there.”

DeFazio became involved in local politics; worked for then congressman Jim Weaver and eventually ran for the position in 1986.  He is now seeking his 14th term.  DeFazio facing Art Robinson from Cave Junction in the November election.

Time for Flu Shots

The advent of fall means people are at an increased risk of spreading colds and the flu.  That means it’s time to consider getting your flu shots.  Dr. Clare Brien, a primary care physician with PeaceHealth in Florence, says antibiotics don’t help with viruses.  The best way to protect yourself is by getting a vaccination.

The Centers for Disease Control says anyone at least six months of age should get a shot this year, especially high risk individuals with certain chronic conditions; pregnant women; anyone over 65 and people who care for others who are a high risk.  Brien says PeaceHealth is offering a flu shot clinic again this season, she recommends calling your primary care provider, or, if you don’t have one, just call the clinic to schedule your shot.

Gas Prices Falling

After peaking at just under four dollars a gallon earlier this month, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded has dropped to $3.87 in Florence.  That’s ten cents less than the Oregon average as measured by Triple-A and six cents higher than the national average.  Analysts say despite the declines in the past three weeks, prices are still at their highest levels ever for the time of year.  Marie Dodds with Triple-A said demand has fallen with the end of summer driving season, plus regional supply and distribution issues appear to be resolved.  She predicts prices will continue to steadily decrease through the end of the calendar year.

Winter Folk Festival

Local artists and crafters who would like access to a market of about two-thousand potential customers are being encouraged to submit samples of their work to the Winter Folk Festival.  The festival is January 26th and 27th at the Florence Events Center, but the deadline to be considered for inclusion in the artisan craft fair that weekend is October 12th.  Fabric artists, jewelers, painters and photographers are just some of the potential vendors who have already submitted applications.  Space is limited to 32 crafters and artisans so a jury will select all vendors.  More information  can be found online at www.winterfolkfestival.org.


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